Welcome to the zebrafish CreZoo!

This database contains a helpful set of CreERT2 driver lines expressing in various regions of the developing and adult zebrafish. The lines have been generated via the insertion of a mCherry-T2A-CreERT2 in a gene trap approach (see below: Generation of CreERT2 insertions) or by using promoter fragments driving CreERT2. Insertions were identified and can be maintained by native mCherry fluorescence.

You can search the list of all transgenic lines or single entries by insertions (gene) or expression patterns (anatomy/region).

In most cases the CreERT2 expression profile using in situ hybridization at 24 hpf and 48 hpf is shown, but also additional information (e.g. mCherry or CreERT2 expression at adult stages, transactivation of a Cre-dependent reporter line) is displayed. Currently, not all insertions have been mapped to a genomic location but the database will be regularly updated adding newly generated insertions and mapping information. Your help in improving and broadening the database by giving your opinion or knowledge of expression patterns is highly appreciated see (contacts).